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All Bicycles is not a parts house, you won't see a shelf of assorted parts and accessories, waiting to be sold. Rich Cohen will help you get exactly what you are looking for, every time. Sales at All Bicycles occur through conversation and consultative time spent with the cyclist. Rich will work with you to determine exactly what you need, and within 2-3 days, the exact right piece will arrive, giving you years of pleasure.

Based on many years of experience riding, selling, building and customizing bicycles Rich Cohen recommends the following manufacturers and product lines. Give Rich a call or send him an e-mail to get started! Special orders aren't a problem at All Bicycles, they are what Rich does every day!

A lot of bike shops don’t know a volt from a bolt!

But At All Bicycles, Rich has you covered with all your e-bike needs.

E-Bikes are great for commuting, running errands, hauling your stuff around or just to give you tired legs a boost if they need it.

All Bicycles sells electric bikes, accessories and provides incredible tune up and service to get and keep you powered up and on the road. Stop by the shop and talk with Rich for a personalized recommendation or buy your electric bike online and pickup it professionally & fully assembled and tuned up at All Bicycles.


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Founded in 2012 in sunny southern California, EMOJO has earned the reputation of a reliable, stylish and affordable ebike brand along the years. Anyone with spirit for fun and outdoors, whether you love to ride, commute, tackle hills on a weekend, keep up with the fast folks or spare some sweat on your ride, EMOJO has an ebike to fill all spirits. Emojo makes owning an ebike simple and affordable. EMOJO has trikes, folding and conventional bikes for both on and off-road use.

Life Ev

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All Life EV bikes are hand built right here in Deerfield Beach, Florida! All carefully selected parts are individually quality inspected by their expert mechanics to ensure the highest build quality in the industry.


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Revibikes has something for everyone. From the motorcycle inspired styling of the Cheetah Café Racer to the practical Runabout, there is a Revibike for you. Affordably priced and solidly built. All of the electric bikes in their lineup are fat tire as they feel this is a good choice for customers entering into the electric bike market. While some of their electric bikes borrow from traditional frames and components, the Cheetah was custom designed by Revibikes.